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    Deltamethrin 25%WT


  • Product Specification
    • Name of the Product
    • Deltamethrin 25  % WT
    • Formulation type
    • Water Dispersible Tablet (WT)
    • Pack Shot
    • Pack Shot
    • Chemical Structure
    • Deltamethrin content
    • Deltamethrin a.i. 0.2 g/tablet and when determined the average measured content shall not differ from that declared by more than ± 12.5%.

    • Class
    • Synthetic Pyrethroid
    • CAS Number
    • 52918-63-5
    • Empirical formula
    • C22H19Br2NO3
    • Chemical Name
    • (S)-α-cyano-3-phenoxybenzyl (1R, 3R)-3-(2,2-dibromovinyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropane carboxylate

    • Structural Formula    
    • Molecular Weight
    • Appearence
    • The material shall consist of a homogeneous mixture of technical deltamethrin, complying with the requirements of WHO specification 333/TC (April 2005), together with carriers and any other necessary formulants (including an embittering agent). The formulation shall be of dry tables, free from visible extraneous matter and individually packed in a blister pack.

    • PH Range
    • The pH of an aqueous dispersion (1%) shall be 4.0 to 7.5.

    • Disintegration time
    • Maximum: 2.5 min

    • Tablet hardness
    • Minimum: 30 N (newtons)
      Maximum: 80 N (newtons)

    • Degree of attrition
    • Attrition resistance: minimum 95%
    • Storage stability
    • Stability at elevated temperature

    • After storage at 54  ± 2°C for 14 days without pressure, the determined average active ingredient content must not be lower than 95% relative to the determined mean content found before storage and the formulation shall continue to comply with the clauses for:
      -pH range
      -Disintegration time
      -Tablet hardness
      -Degree of attrition