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    Research & Development is a major strength and competitive advantage for Tagros.  Tagros’s research centre in Chennai has been recognized by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.

    Tagros’s research efforts is concentrated on the development of formulations in the area of Public Health in terms of new products and applications, in the area of veterinary particularly for ectoparasites and development of combinations to fight resistance.

    A number of countries require manufacturers of industrial chemicals and pesticides to establish data that use of these products do not pose any hazards to human health and the environment. Non-hazardous nature needs to be established through studies and data, which will be examined by the regulatory authorities of the concerned countries. Physical-chemical testing, toxicity studies, mutagenicity studies, environmental toxicity studies on aquatic and terrestrial organisms, studies on behaviour in water, soil and air, bio-accumulation, residue studies, studies on effects on mesocosms and natural ecosystems, analytical and clinical chemistry testing are all studied through GLP labs by Tagros.



    Tagros generates GLP data for registration from some of the reputed GLP laboratories.


  • International Institute of Biotechnology and Toxicology (IIBAT), Chennai, India
  • SGS India Private Limited, Life science Services, Chennai, India
  • Advinus Therapeutics, Bangalore, India.
  • Institute for Toxicological Studies, Pune, India.
  • Charles River Laboratories International, United Kingdom.
  • Eurofins – GAB GmbH, Germany.
  • McKenzie Wright Laboratories, LLC, USA.