Preparing to be the pioneer of global leadership in
agrochemical research and output

Tagros ramps up production capabilities
for the LATAM region.

The current pandemic and its global implication on trade have brought to the fore the need for more diffused supply chains that aren’t entirely dependent on one geography for sourcing. The same goes for the agrochemical industry.

Challenges and opportunities in the agrochemical space

The COVID19 pandemic will go down in economic history as the event that threw all forecasts off their rails.

In 2018-2019, the market benefited from higher prices of generic materials, particularly
herbicide from some south Asian countries. That, however, resulted in a Ministry of Environment crackdown on production, requiring chemical companies to invest in pollution control and effluent treatment plants.

Furthermore, the increasing number of these

same companies listing on the national stock markets drove pressure to increase prices to boost profitability.

However, we are now living in a reality that demands that we put sustainability at the heart of every transformational effort. Each company is different, and every transformation effort unique. Tagros continually invest in the advancement of environment-friendly technology and efficient treatment processes that could lead to zero effluent discharge. Our responsible manufacturing processes make

An update on the incident at the Dahej site

A previous of this magazine carried a news item on the fire accident took place at our Dahej sites on 7th April 2020 while we were in the first phase of the world’s largest lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID19.

Fortunately, the fire could damage only one out of the three Sulfentrazone plants involved in the accident. Due to the regular fire and safety drills, which are an integral part of Tagros’s culture, there was neither a casualty nor any injury to our employees. The affected capacities shall be back in operation before the end of 2020.

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